HaHa Caricatures

Portrait & Caricature Artist


As well having a caricaturist perform live, why not get a caricature of the bride & groom?

For more information on live performances see: http://www.hahacaricatures.com/events

Unlike official photographs; a caricature doesnt have to be limited with stuffy formalities.... or even by reality!

You can exaggerate your favourite parts of the day, your outfit and even your favourite features of your other half ;)

You can have all of your outfit recorded for posterity, add a montage of your favourite elements of the day, not to mention including your wedding colours.

As a wedding guest, a caricature makes a unique gift and can be as unique as the happy couple themselves.

If you are a bride- or groom-to-be - why not include your caricature in your thank you cards or as a printed memento for guests to take home?

Also, a caricature makes a fantastic and thoughtful anniversary gift!

Q: Can you guess what year the couple below got married in?

A: Did the hairstyle give it away?

....1973 (It was a gift for their Ruby Wedding Anniversary in 2013!)