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Super Friends

Some people are lucky enough to have friends they can count on. Others are luckier still to have friends who they can always rely on whether help them out of a fix, be a shoulder to cry on and lend them a hand in difficult times. Most importantly they are the cause of much merriment and laughter! I call these people super friends. And a really great way to let someone know they are a super friend is to surprise them with a gift (and even better if it makes them smile too!)

(Above) Rosi-Mari the Super Friend!

Commissioned by her best friend for her 30th birthday, what a thoughtful gift!

The River Test International Tennis Society or R-TITS for short!

What a super bunch of gentlemen, who spent their spare time together playing tennis but also on occasions badminton, fly fishing, card-games, shooting and drinking in their local pub - The John O' Gaunt in Horsebridge, Hants where this picture now hangs! A super group Christmas present for them all to enjoy, also made into mini-prints so they could each have a copy to hang up at home.

PS - The John O'Gaunt has since burnt down and been rebuilt but amazingly this picture survived and is still in pride of place next to the bar, so you can see it for yourself!