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Commission a Picture

A caricature makes the perfect gift.

Why not commission a painting to commemorate a special occasion!

Popular Occasions include: Birthdays, Christmas Gifts, Wedding Presents and Anniversary Presents.

Many people also chose to commission paintings for their homes to get a personalised portrait to fit with their interior design and decor. (See also - animals and pets)


  • Can be based on photos only so no need to sit still (especially important for little ones)
  • Can be done  remotely from photos so the person doesn't expect it - so makes a great SURPRISE!!
  • Is totally unique and one-off
  • You get the original painting to hang in your hallway, plus an electronic copy so you can send to as many people as you want
  • Can be as imaginative and creative as you want with any choice of emphasis, pose, costume, accessories, background, theme and message e.g. "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Wedding Anniversary".

Left: The brief was to create a head and shoulders portrait painting (rather than a caricature) of the beautiful young lady with the red hair.  She was to be dressed as a young Queen Elizabeth II, including ball gown, diamond encrusted necklace and crown. Three photos of the young lady were supplied for the commission (top left) and all other research to meet the brief was conducted by the artist.  

Painting Specs: 40cm x 60cm, acrylic on hardboard, painting time 8 hours

© Hazel Hancock 2008.


Left: The brief was to caricature the young man with his six favourite things which are (can you spot them?):

* Instagram

* All Seeing Eye (The eye in the triangle)

* XO (The XO logo)

* Drake (The owl logo)

* a Vinyl record

....and.... triangles....  (neatly disguised on his Tshirt)

Painting specs: A4 Watercolour Paper, 300gsm, black marker pen and water colours, painting time 6 hours © Hazel Hancock 2013