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Commission a portrait of your furry friend!

The idea came to me from my own crazy family of rescue animals, that not only are our pets beautiful to observe and to draw, but also full of character and personality just like their eccentric owners! I love the challenges that drawing animals bring - textures, colours, expressions and emotions.  Like these? More at: www.instagram.com/hazelhancockart


Bella the tuxedo Kitty likes to party hard! (whats the point of being a polydactyl* cat if your not going to rock out!!) 

*Polydactyl is a five fingered breed. Cats with thumbs - whatever next!


Rolo the Chocolate labrador is an incredibly loyal dog, with a heart of gold. He is sweeter than chocolate


Max the pointer loves to go with his dad for a quiet pint in the local bar. He idolises his dad and they go everywhere together